Q + A

What is the Dress Code?

We're glad you asked! The dress code for the wedding is cocktail or formal attire, so break out your fanciest dresses and sharpest suits. But remember, this is a celebration, not a fashion show! We want you to feel comfortable and confident in whatever attire you choose, so you can focus on dancing the night away and making memories with the happy couple. So, whether you're dressed to the nines or feeling fly in a snazzy jumpsuit, we can't wait to see you looking your best and having a blast!

Are Children Allowed?

Of course! We love having our littlest loved ones celebrate with us. However, we also understand that sometimes parents just need a break and a night out to let loose. So, while we welcome kiddos with open arms, we kindly request that if possible, you consider arranging childcare for the evening. We don't want any of our guests missing out on the fun because they're too busy chasing after little ones. Plus, think of it as a chance for the grown-ups to have some well-deserved adult time!

Is There Parking At the Venue?

Absolutely! Our venue has a dedicated parking lot that is wheelchair accessible, so you can park with ease and make your way to the celebration. However, we do kindly suggest considering alternative transportation options if you plan on indulging in a few drinks (or a few too many!). After all, we want you to have a blast and let loose without having to worry about driving home. So, whether you call an Uber, hitch a ride with a friend, or bring along a designated driver, we're all about safety and fun!

What is Kansas City Weather like in Late October?

Late October in Kansas City is typically crisp and cool, with temperatures hovering around the mid-50s to mid-60s Fahrenheit. While the weather can be unpredictable, we suggest packing a jacket or wrap just in case. But don't worry too much about the weather, because we're sure the warmth of love and celebration will keep everyone feeling cozy and happy. Whether you're indoors or out, surrounded by friends and family, you're sure to have a wonderful time at the wedding.